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Chapter Thirty-two 


So Then...


            That's pretty much what I have to say. I suppose I should say that when I went to the hospital they told me I had a dislocated shoulder, and the weird thing was as soon as they put it back in the socket the pain disappeared. All that suffering and it was gone in one second.

            Now, a few years after all this stuff happened, Drake is dead and my Grampa is dead and Erin is married and Taylor is making films and Bakhurst is still teaching his philosophy classes and Michelle is here in the other room near the University of Sydney. I guess I could say that if there is justice, it's only in that we all have today, and maybe that's good enough. I suppose if you can learn that, then life isn't so bad. And if there's an irony to it all, it's that I miss those days just as tomorrow I'll miss writing this down today. It's raining outside but I still have time for a ride on my mountain bike down to the beach before dark. Might as well because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow. 

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Table of Contents

1.     The Student Ghetto
2.     The Living Tree Principle 
3.     Overcoming Neophobia 
4.     Socrates' Big Swinging Ice Pick 
5.     Life As An Adjective 
6.     The Timestealer 
7.     Range of Multiplicity 
8.     The Banks 
9.     The Means is the End 
10.  The White Haired Doctor 
11.  Mortally Wounded 
12.  Visigoth Code of Ethics 
13.  Cognitive Dissonance 
14.  The Chinese Laundry Café 
15.  Catching a Crab 
16.  Sheer Recklessness 
17.  Shattered Glass 
18.  In His Father's Voice 
19.  The Dreamstealer 
20.  The Vine of Resentment 
21.  The Golden Mean 
22.  The Altered Eye Alters All 
23.  Missing the Middle Part 
24.  Anima 
25.  Taylor Not Afraid 
26.  Beyond the Monoperspectival Norm 
27.  The Grip 
28.  Visigoths in Tweed 
29.  The Unseen Hand 
30.  Dislocation 
31.  Pouring Heavens of Valhalla
32.  So Then...       



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