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Peter Higgins
It is true that the only unplanned book was Road Sailors. The author was overhwelmed seeing his twin brother after so many years apart so he wrote it down in the first-person, present tense. It is also the most personal of his books, revealing aspects of his relationship with his twin brother. 

Mr. Higgins took his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada and then left to teach overseas beginning in Tokyo. Taking a writing job at a magazine in Taipei, Peter Higgins accepted another writing position in Manila before being promoted to Hong Kong where graduated with a masters degree in International Relations from the University of Hong Kong. He lived and worked in Asia for nearly ten years before he returned to Canada to write. Currently Mr. Higgins is a landlord and lives in Gore Bay with his broder collie he named Schopenhauer. He splits his time between Manitoulin Island and Quito, Ecuador.




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