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From the novels Trapp McFlynn left behind, three of them have been adapted into screenplays:

Road Sailors

Visigoths in Tweed

Prophecy Seekers

The scripts for Visigoths in Tweed and Prophecy Seekers will be uploaded in due course. 

For motorcycle enthusiasts, a classic: Easy Rider  


One of Trapp McFlynn's favorite motorcycle movies 

For those who love the quirky and comic, the classic Withnail and I 


It was a favorite of the McFlynn Twins 

The best version of this influential book: The Razor's Edge:


The Somerset Maugham novel changed Trapp McFlynn's life.      


Great book and great movie with Gary Cooper: The Fountainhead


 Influenced Trapp immensely when he read the book      



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