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To be a lover of words was to yield the Glossary of Twinspeak: 

Glossary of Twinspeak

AWS: an acronym meaning: ‘Angry Whiteman Syndrome.'

action pass: something done; an action. The origin of this expression is from a type of play during high school football.

advantageous plumage: attractive hair.

aguey: action, usually action with some style or poise. Derives from the French ‘accent ague.'

BO plenty: whenever we say the ‘plenty,' we always add ‘B.O.' before it. (It stands for ‘body odour').

bushwhacking: hiking.

cake: money.

Claudia: means ‘proud of you.' There are many phonetic variations of this one, such as "Gloria" and "mafia."

combo-plate: combination.

crisp: good.

dart: cigarette.

die spinnah: to roll a joint.

duddy: beard, or in general any facial hair. It comes from the book The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordechai Richler. (The main character, Duddy Kravitz, shaved twice a day to encourage a beard).

el grande: used liberally to emphasize a point.

false gazelle: when something that is supposed to happen doesn't happen.

floatie: to spit.

full dippage: thorough or deep knowledge.

fundage: money.

gazelle: to leave somewhere.

goosey: ‘excited' or ‘energized,' from the idea of goose pimples.

hairy bush: severe.

hairy-crack: hardcore. It's origin lies in it first letters: ‘h' and ‘c.'

highly sallassie: very interesting.

Inge Hammerstrom: code word meaning ‘she is spoken for.' It's used when one of us is moving in on a girl that one of us has our eye on, and to therefore back off. (It's the name of a hockey player who played on the Toronto Maple Leafs back in the seventies).

Johnnie: joint.

Louie: left (as opposed to ‘Ralphie' meaning ‘right').

mammalia: mammals.

merge: ‘to slip away' or ‘to leave quietly.'

mon frere: French for ‘my brother.'

niblet: the head or mind of a person (comes from the root word ‘nib').

nice one: one of our most common expressions to say ‘well done.'

nipples and crusties: human obstacles or negative peoples.

nook-von-cranny: a place to stop and sleep in the road buggy.

onion bun: one of our main expressions that can mean many different things, depending on the content. Initially it meant ‘opinion without the ‘p,' but it has grown to denote ‘one's opinion' or ‘world view' or ‘someones way of thinking,' or even ‘the character of one's personality.' The short form is either ‘onion,' or simply ‘bun.' To enhance one's bun is to enhance one's state of being. Used as a verb, it can mean ‘to deepen one's knowledge of,' to therefore strengthen or enhance one's opinion.

padre: term of endearment.

phybic: claustrophobic.

piece: used liberally to denote the obvious contextual noun - like ‘thing.'

pilgrim: term of endearment.

plan A: to steal or acquire.

plan B: to buy something.

plan C: to get caught.

plan D: disturbing the peace.

plan F: to engage in sexual activity.

plan H: hooker.

plan I: a cigarette, or ‘dart.'

plan L: firecracker.

plan M: matches.

plan P: puke.

plan R: fart.

plan S: streak.

plan T: ‘good-looking girl.'

plan W: drugs, usually weed.

plan X: the ultimate plan: when you plan A a plan T who is plan W or plan Z and you plan F.

plan Z: booze, usually beer.

pork Archimedes: to have sex.

punky-ass pilgrim: critical term for the person being discussed.

pulp fiction: pulp-and-paper mill air pollution.

puppy: used in the same manner as "piece," denoting the contextual noun.

Ralphie: to turn right. (To turn left is to hang a ‘Louie').

road buggy: a vehicle suited for long distance and prolonged road trips, namely a pick-up truck with a small camper on the back.

sampling technology: carnal knowledge or empirical data.

serial: serious.

sick: a word used to describe anything that is irrational or unnecessary.

small pine: variation of ‘small penis;' used as a term of endearment (almost).

snagglepussy: to purchase or obtain something; ‘snag.'

soccer: code word asking if there's something hanging out of your nose.

take the hack: roll with the punches, and overcoming the given obstacle.

tech: short for ‘technology.'

technique: style or willingness to play the game.

technology: drugs, usually denoting weed.

teste: test or test spin.

testicular atrophy: low spiritual energy.

The Man: the police.

total snag: great deal or good bargain.

turb: short for ‘turbulence,' Remy's nickname for Trapp. 

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