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The Leaking Hourglass

Chapter Nineteen

Addressing World Leaders

If I didn't take this opportunity to appeal to world leaders of today, I would be amiss. Of all world governmental bodies, I appeal to the United Nations to hear my case and make a ruling on my predicament. My followers and those who believe in the freedom of information are eager for a resolution. I appeal to your august body that represents all that is noble in humankind's history. Please hear my case. I ask with humility your assistance to solve my stalemate so I can be free again.

I appeal to all freethinking countries in the world to acknowledge the revolution that is now afoot. Appeal to the new generation of Web-savvy hackers and social media gurus that make up your voting base and hear their voice to learn that they support my case because I have brought betterment to the world and brightened their future. Become world leaders in our collective effort for transparency. Have nothing to hide. Act nobly and honor goodwill. Show transparency in your governance so there is no fear of secrets. Being accountable is good policy. And good policy wins elections. It's a sustainable platform for continued prosperity. Without the truth there would be no light. Honesty is man's most noble virtue, and its most universal. If you give your people honesty they will follow you, believe in you and fight for you because they now have developed their sixth sense to discern misinformation. People have a nose for the truth. All truth must be embraced because that is what the human race uses as their foundation to live. It is the universal language beyond language. Appeal to those who want truth in their lives.

Please hear my case and rule with impartial justice. But most of all let's end this legal stalemate.

Chapter Twenty

Nothing More To Say

When you have time to whittle it all down there is not that much more to say other than look at what I have done and understand how the story has unfolded. I hope that I can once again recover my freedom from under this layer of legal netting.

I see it all as a publishing issue, pure and simple. The submission platform is secure. There is no way I can identify the source. I only act as a conduit, benign and impartial. That's its strength and also where it becomes dangerous. It's all fun and games until danger becomes real and fear is an ever-present emotion that lingers into the night hours. It hinders sleep.

I have chosen to remain quiet for some time now mainly because of my legal cases. For a man who values freedom and information and the integrity of good reporting, it is ironic I'm now confined to a small room on the third floor in an embassy in London. Despite my sad state of affairs, I am still hopeful that I can see it all through and emerge in the warm light of day on the other side. I keep faith that this moment will come.


February 2, 2015

Ecuadorian embassy

Highgate, London

United Kingdom

Full Moon





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