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Book reviews are important for prospective readers. It provides an objective and unbiased cross-section of opinions of the book and is an important feature of wordcarpenter.com. Just because the book is published as an e-book does not necessarily mean it is below par. In fact we here at wordcarpenter.com believe that it's only from the unpolished diamond that talent can be spotted.

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Any new reader or member of the wordcarpenter.com community of readers is encouraged to comment or review the book. All reviews can be submitted here.

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Road Sailors   
"One is drawn to read more, but when one chooses to savour and go slow the story is richer. A strong, flawless structure supporting an original and engaging story."
- John Ketchum, filmmaker (What Means Motley?), Bucharest Romania
"I love your novel: for its gutsy, straight-up attack of the Vatican's lies and denial of the existence of the Desposyni, for the interesting, unconventional characters, the contrasting characters between the twin cousins, your knowledgeable detail for the Oriental setting, and the fast-paced excitement of the motorcycle road trip."
- Derek Steven McPhail, author of Broken Bow and Sea Shanties, Toronto Canada
"I am speechless. I truly loved your book!... The character of Hellmantle was quite obnoxious, but completely endearing and lovable. He was so bloody perfect and always so right. A real superhearo - with Asperger's... I thought your detailed descriptions of the landscapes were breathtaking - I want to go to each and every place! I could almost feel, touch, smell and taste the environment, as well as seeing it in the words."
- Michelle Hopkins, Sydney Australia 
"I was up late finishing your book. Many thanks for the great read! There is a very healthy tension that makes you want to know what will happen next, page after page. And your descriptions of the four locales are so good, it made me go to Google Earth for a closer looks, HK, [Philippines] North Island, Nam [Vietnam], and Kashmir. And the content: profoundly interesting." 
- Ted Condon, St. Catharines Canada
"I'm hooked. I love the plotline and character development. Exceptional... Simply captivating!" 
- Paula Murray, Kingston Canada 

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