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Chapter Thirty-four 


Concerning the visit with the knowledgeable Jack Grosseteste

and the sally to India

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, China


Most fortunate are the times that Hellmantle of Normandy appeared on this earth to right the persistent wrongs by the Catholic Church and bring light to those who remained on the fence due to a natural skepticism and disbelief at the many fictional aspects of the Bible Story that were inserted by Rome throughout the middle ages. The purity of the original message is now close to being reinstated thanks to the extraordinary effort made by the courageous Rolland Hellmantle in this most troubled time in history. To be sure, the missing content of the gospels is now near at hand to mend the fissures between men of the many religions of the world, and to heal the rift between the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Hellmantle's greatness of task cannot be underestimated, and here the thread of the story resumes after the daring exploits of Northern Vietnam.



"Good. So you found the map, eh?" he said, his teeth stained red from wine.

"Just as Vande Winkle said. It was in the east tower of a prison," said Hellmantle, beaming with accomplishment. "I still don't know what the name of the prison was though."

        "No one saw you?"

        "The place was empty. The two women who ran it were busy drinking tea in the back room."

"It was a forgotten place Dad, where the people around were happy to be living there."

"And ignorant of its hidden map." Hellmantle still sweating from the ride.

"Can I see the map?" Hellmantle removed the map from his knapsack, as well as a bottle of red wine for his uncle Jack. Out from its tube he gently spread it out on the table.

        "Pretty vague, isn't it?" said D'Aqs. His father picked it up carefully to study, and shook his head in disagreement.

"Legend within the Blonde Acquitaine says He settled in a place just north of Srinagar, a town in Kashmir Valley that sits 6000 feet above sea level surrounded by Himalayan peaks isolated from the world, especially 2000 years ago."

"So then you believe Jesus survived the crucifixion?" D'Aqs, for his own foundation of belief, needed to know precisely what his father believed.

"Ah! He who dares not offend, cannot be honest, but I dislike clichés. So let me be direct: it's likely He did survive the crucifixion, and that He was married and had children, and it is through His offspring that the Merovingian line of French Kings claim direct descent, as you know. It is from this holy bloodline that most of Europe's royalty come from. That's why all the families are interrelated. They wanted to keep the bloodline of Jesus pure. They even had private schools for these children who bore the blood of Jesus. For centuries."

"So I'm interested to know who has the highest concentration of Jesus's bloodline today?"

        "Most of the European nobility has the highest degree of the holy blood, but there are a few families that are known to have the highest."

        "Such as?"

        "Well for example, the Sinclair family in Scotland. The name comes from the French Saint Claire which means Holy Light."

        "It was the Messiah's hope that a bloodline of kings would be established but the Pope and his minions in Rome blighted that," said Hellmantle.

        "I know what Mantlepiece here thinks about this, but let me ask you Dad. What do you think happened on the cross?"

        "The story states that He was buried in Joseph of Arimathea's backyard - the family home's garden. Jesus was likely revived in the tomb - now awake from the sleepy draught - and was wise to flee from the authorities in Jerusalem. He then disappears from record until years later rumors circulate and a legend grows that Jesus died of old age up in Northern India where it was said He continued His ministry alongside His disciple Thomas. That's the general theory, but there's more to the picture than people want to say. For example, is it a coincidence that the person who took His body from the cross was Joseph of Arimathea, also known to history as Jesus' younger brother James?"

        Hellmantle was all ears as he uncorked the bottle he brought and filled everyone's glasses.

        "I don't usually speak so much about the Bible," said the professor, "but the history it speaks of is of great interest to me. From everything I have read and studied, I think that Jesus as a man was actually quite rebellious and politically savvy with several zealots as part of his disciples. He was looking to re-instate the royal line and become king, a leader - at least through bloodline. But he was thwarted."

        "He was thwarted by the Pharisees who rejected him because He was born in the wrong month?"

        "Yes. They were pretty strict in the intricate rules that have applied for centuries. If a male was born in September they the royal couple had to wait six years to have another child. If it was a girl they would have to wait two years. Look it up if you don't believe me."

        "It's not a question of believing you Dad. It's a question of why this story is taught to millions - or billions - of people when the story is inaccurate."

        "A worthy question son."

"One of things that made him dangerous to the establishment," said Hellmantle, "was, as I've told you before, He wanted to bring back the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel - the House of Israel - into the fold. The tribes were scattered and the disciples went to all the primary spots of dispersed Israelites. Andrew went to Scotland and James went to Spain and Thomas went up to northern India because ‘White India,' as it was known, was a land inhabited by some of the ten lost tribes of Israel."

"Do you think that Thomas was His identical twin?"

        "It was a belief that was mainstream until centuries after His death." Hellmantle stood up, erect with curiosity and now with that familiar flush of wine on his cheeks.

"I have a question pour vous my uncle," he said, lighting a cigarette. "Do you know if it was Doubting Thomas who was sitting beside Jesus during the Last Supper?"

"Well, I don't know, but let me check a book." He opened the ‘Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legends.'

"It was the Beloved Disciple who was beside Jesus," Hellmantle with that firm tone of secure knowledge. Dr. Jack Grosseteste flipped some pages.

"Here it is. Yes, that's right," he mumbled into the book. "At the Last Supper, the Beloved Disciple was leaning on Jesus' bosom. He was at the foot of the cross when Jesus says to him ‘Mary is your responsibility now,' and takes her into his home as his own mother. It was Peter and the Beloved Disciple who bump into Mary Magdalene after she finds the tomb empty. And it was the Beloved Disciple who was the one who recognized Jesus when they were fishing just after the crucifixion."

"Wait!" said D'Aqs. "Wasn't it Thomas, Peter and Nathaniel who were there during the Draught of the Fishes?" He said it as a question but he was sure he was correct.

"Yes," Hellmantle answered.

"You think the Beloved Disciple is Thomas? Not John?"

"Well he's not mentioned by name for a reason, but why would they list those three disciples when they met Jesus fishing? And why would Jesus hand over care of his mother to John, as it is commonly believed, who has no familial connection to him?"

"I've always wondered about that too."

"Isn't it more likely that Jesus would hand over care of His mother to His brother Thomas?"

"Many regard the Beloved Disciple as John, that's true," said Jack Grosseteste. "He's believed to be Jesus' favorite, but it's a good point. If Jude Thomas was Jesus' brother, why wouldn't the disciple whom Jesus loved be given care of Mary?"

"It makes more sense," chimed in Hellmantle, now flushed. "And if Thomas was his twin, wouldn't it make sense that he would be sitting beside him during the Last Supper?" D'Aqs was nodding. "Wait, didn't Da Vinci paint the Last Supper and have someone identical to Jesus beside him?" D'Aqs shrugged.

"Yes, I think he did. Let me find the painting." No doubt the professor knew his books well as it didn't take him long to find Da Vinci's Last Supper. There, with the page open for all to see, it was uncanny how the Beloved Disciple looked identical to Jesus. To Jesus' left was a man of the same age who was sporting the same hair and beard and coloring as the Messiah.

"Well, isn't that interesting," said the professor.

"That is His twin brother. They're idenitcal. Even they way they're leaning towards each other." They looked at him. "It's a twin thing. I should know."

        "Yes," said his uncle nodded, hiding his surprise that his nephew spoke of his dead twin. "Perhaps it is."

"It makes more sense."


"If Thomas is his twin, wouldn't it make sense that he would sitting beside him during the Last Supper?"

"I don't know. I'm not an identical twin like you." Jack Grosseteste filled his nephew's glass with wine.

"My understanding of this painting is that the man to the immediate left of Jesus with his finger pointing upwards has traditionally been regarded as Thomas," said D'Aqs. "And the man who is sitting right beside Jesus is Joseph of Arimathea."

"And/or James, the brother of Jesus," said Hellmantle. "And/or James the disciple."

"The point is that if the Beloved Disciple is beside Jesus, then it's either Thomas or James. But taking everything into consideration, it's most likely Thomas because look how similar they look!"

"Yes, I agree," said his father. "That is interesting. I've never really studied it this closely." An eerie silence was broken by the omma announcing supper was ready, but Jack Grosseteste told her to wait because they were busy investigating something that could not wait. He quickly opened his Bible and began flipping the pages rapidly.

"There's a passage in here that, come to think of it, is quite suggestive that Jesus did survive and meet Thomas in northern India. It's the Last Supper, when Jesus said to Thomas and the Twelve:

‘Do not be worried and upset,' Jesus told them. ‘Believe in God and believe also in me. There are many rooms in my Father's house, and I am going to prepare a place for you. I would not tell you this if it were not so. And after I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you myself, so that you will be where I am. You know the way that leads to the place where I am going.'

        "He says that to Thomas?" Hellmantle asked. "At the Last Supper?"

"Yes. And it is Thomas who replied. ‘Lord, we do not know where you are going; so how can we know the way to get there?' Then Jesus says: ‘I am the way..."

"If Thomas, Jude Thomas, Didymus Thomas, Thomas the Twin, Jude the Twin is Jesus' identical twin," Hellmantle said, "then Jesus would be with him in India if He survived the cross. And it would be the twin who would openly question the Messiah. That's what identical twins do."

"If you're interested in Thomas so much Rolland, you need to read the Gospel of Thomas."

"You have it?" Hellmantle was again on his feet.

"I have a copy somewhere here." He rummaged through his shelves skimming titles until he pulled out a thinly bound book with frayed pages.

"I've been looking for a copy for years!"

"The Gospel of Thomas, discovered in 1945," said D'Aqs, trying his best to contribute to the discussion.

"Correct. But some scholars believe that it was written as early as 40AD, and that the Gospel of Thomas is the missing Q document."

"The original Gospel."

"The account of Jesus that the other gospels refer to. Yes D'Aqs, the original source of all the gospels." He handed it to Hell,amtle. "Here, don't lose it kid. They're hard to come by over here." He stared at it.

"The missing Q."

        "Remember," added D'Aqs, realizing that the theory of Thomas the Twin was gaining momentum in his own person, "that it was well known that Jesus loved this Beloved Disciple in a special way. If you recall in the Gospel of John, when Jesus talks to his Beloved Disciple, it says:

Peter turned around and saw behind him that other disciple, whom Jesus loved - the one who had leaned close to Jesus at the meal and had asked, ‘Lord, who is going to betray you?' When Peter saw him, he asked Jesus, ‘Lord, what about this man?
Jesus answered him, ‘If I want him to live until I come, what is that to you? Follow me!
So a report spread among the followers of Jesus that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say he would not die; he said, ‘If I want him to live until I come, what is that to you?'
He is the disciple who spoke of these things, the one who also wrote them down; and we know what he said is true." 

         "Nice one! That would be this book right here."

"Those words - to me - now mean something a bit different," said D'Aqs.

"When he says that this Beloved Disciple will live until I come, it fits with the idea that Jesus joined Thomas in India, as if he planned it! And now, with the discovery of the Gospel of Thomas, it fits that this Beloved Disciple did write it down!" Hellmantle was tripping over his words; he could hardly get them out of his mouth in time. "Amazing man!"

"What do you think son?" D'Aqs, surprised, picked up his Bible as if reflex.

"It's tough to say Dad, but there is so much pointing to Jesus having a twin. For example, at the Last Supper Jesus says to his twelve disciples: ‘This very night all of you will run away and leave me, for the scripture says, ‘God will kill the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.' But after I am raised to life, I will go to Galilee ahead of you.'

"And then Jesus says: ‘You have stayed with me all through my trials; and just as my Father has given me the right to rule, so I will give you the same right. You will eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom, and you will sit on thrones to rule over the twelve tribes of Israel.' So to me, this suggests that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah conscienciously because how would He know he's be in Galilee?"

"Good point son." He winked at his son when filling his glass with wine. He couldn't remember the last time his father had that look of pride on his face.

         "Thanks Dad."

         "If I didn't say it before, your beard suits you. Let it grow. I've never seen you with a beard."

         "And it supports my primary thrust theory," said Hellmantle, not feeling the need to explain what he meant to his uncle, retreating further into his world of meglomania, the real world fading from importance.

         "Yes Mantlepiece, it does" D'Aqs recognized the now-distant eyes of his cousin.

Hellmantle assumed the mantle and spoke thus:

"The Blonde Acquitaine must act for mankind for the benefit of generations to come!"

"You go to Kashmir Valley and find the tombs and the scroll the Blonde Acquitaine believes is buried where Jesus spent his last days," said Jack Grosseteste, his demeanor changed to the wise old man. "You prove it true and you will be remembered as men of standing." It was then the omma called for supper again. With eyes aglare, Hellmantle sat in the middle and poured the wine for all, not noticing the food was cold.



TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                  
          The Family of the Bible
1.       Concerning the famous Hellmantle's position, character and way of life
2.       Concerning the ingenious man's visit with his uncle Jack Grosseteste
3.       Which relates to how Hellmantle is given his first adventure
4.       About what happened to our adventurer when he goes to the Philippines
5.       In which the story of our crusader's journey begins in earnest
6.       About Hellmantle's time in the city of sin on Christmas Eve
7.       About the brave Hellmantle's success on his adventure to Baguio City worthy of happy memory
8.       In which the courageous Hellmantle of Normandy journeys north into the Cordillera Mountain Range
9.       About what happened to Hellmantle in the mission in the mountains and the crucifixion of Jesus
10.     Concerning Hellmantle of Normandy in the land of the headhunters
11.     About the required riding techniques to reach the destination of Sagada and the church organist
12.     In which the German artist is tracked to the Shamrock Café and dangers of the northeast of Luzon Island
13.     In which Catharine is tracked to the Shamrock Café and an eery coincidence of a reoccurring dream
14.     About Hellmantle reaching the rice terraces and finding a way to the northwest
15.     About what happened to our intrepid philosopher in the middle of the Sierra Madre Mountains
16.     In which a record is given about the brave Hellmantle through uncharted territory on his trusted dirt bike
17.     Which relates to Hellmantle of Normandy reaching the northern coast and the rubble of Aparri
18.     About the final day of the motorcycle journey and discussing the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Vigan
19.     About the sermon in Agoo Basilica and what they find at the church with the rouge bell tower
20.     Concerning the Dutch Padre and what he knows about the hidden map
21.     About the return to Manila and the coup that causes the Great Man from Normandy grief
22.     Which brings Hellmantle of Normandy back to Hong Kong to re-evaluate the next step in his quest for truth
23.     In which their journey is related to Jack Grosseteste and a new task is set before the Man from Normandy
24.     Concerning the journey to northern Vietnam to track down the map hidden at a French prison
25.     About how Hellmantle and D'Aqs compare notes on their task at hand in Hanoi
26.     In which an account is given of the beginning of the journey of Hellmantle in Vietnam
27.     About how Hellmantle and his brave squire ride north to the place where the four rivers meet
28.     Concerning the French prison and what Hellmantle finds there
29.     Concerning the discovery of the bottle and what lies inside of it
30.     Concerning the journey to Dien Bien Phu in honor of their grandfather the Great Dane Hellmantle
31.     About what the motorcyclists see on the fields in Dien Bien Phu
32.     Concerning the motorcycling required to reach Hanoi via the other side of the Da River Valley
33.     Which tells of the final stage back to Hanoi and the discussion after their most beautiful ride
34.     Concerning the visit with the knowledgeable Jack Grosseteste and the sally to India
35.     Concerning the arrival and journey to Kashmir Valley
36.     In which the journey begins in earnest through the checkpoints to the foot of the Moghul Fort
37.     In which Srinagar is reached and how the houseboat was as it was hundred years ago
38.     In which Hellmantle reach their houseboat on the lake below the fort and beside the mosque
39.     In which Hellmantle sets out for the Tomb of Thome and his brother Joshua beside him
40.     Which relates to the agreeable history of the journey north to the monastery on horseback
41.     In which Hellmantle returns to Srinagar and finds the first translations of the black stones
42.     Which concerns the deciphering of the discovery at the monastery and the need to go to the Ganges River
43.     About Hellmantle of Normandy's meeting with the holy man after taking a dip in the Ganges River
44.     About Hellmantle's meeting at Jack Grossetests's place with D'Aqs and Catharine the artist from Sagada
o       Chronology of Historical Events



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