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"Rollo Hellmantle, descendent of Jesus and the Merovingian kings, must be one of the most original characters to come along since Harry Flashman. His extremism and dangerous methods will have you laughing out loud and the sheer recklessness of Hellmantle. Be prepared to be taken to corners of the world and of religious history you didn't know existed. This highly unique work, in the tradition of The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail, is clever and skillfully crafted that will leave you thinking of Hellmantle long after the book has been finished."

- Susan McFetridge, April 27

"At first the plot seems implausible yet through the determination of Hellmantle, who is a functional yet erratic Aspie, the reader is lured through a labyrinth of situations and religions facts that impel the reader to keep going, taking you deeper and deeper into the realm of possibility. Well written and a first-class work."

- Kate Burgess, April 21

"Highly entertaining yet also a reverberating novel due to its placement within accepted religious dogma and valid philosophical argument. Be prepared to have your mind twisted open at new angles but nodding your head in agreement. The reader cannot help but know Mr. McFlynn has done his homework. Rome will not be happy about this one. Read it before the book is banned by the Vatican."

- Timothy Boake, April 19      


"Superbly written, tight prose that immerses you into the culture of the world's largest freshwater island in the world, layers of Legge's past are revealed to him that cause him to who he thought he was. Overcoming fear, he is able to run his guesthouse for bikers putting him side-by-side with some strong personalities, spiced with some unforgettable island characters. Prepare to be transported back a hundred years to how life used to be."

- Roberta Boston, April 24

"Unusual and down-to-home characters drive this story, showing you a way of life that has been forgotten in our modern age. Legge is transformed from one extreme of a city life to the other extreme of country life, and it is how he deals with the obstacles he confronts that he comes to know himself. The writing at times in poetic, so sit back and relax with this novel that will take you back in time."

- Carmen Coffman, April 13

"Tightly woven with toothless men and ghosts of whiskey-runners, Manitoulin Island comes alive as if the pages were a living history. It inspires us to trust in ourselves and to take risks because we never know what is in store for us. Mr. McFlynn shows us he's a talent to watch."

- Kate Burgess, April 13             


"Poetic in parts, and philosophical in other parts, this work transcends genres. It is a sharp look at the shortcomings of modern life, and how a man can easily let time pass without life participation in exchange for financial security and comfort. It is his fragility of health that provides the impetus for Noble to step forward to get his hands dirty in a culture that, to the reader, is surreal."

- Mark Scrivener, April 17

"A book that takes it down to the bare essentials, the questions Noble is dealing with affect us all in a meaningful way so his tour de force through the trough and gutters of Ecuador have something for all of us. The moral is clear in this story but it are the array of idiosyncratic characters he meets that will have you turning the page."

- Jane Miller, April 4

"This is a special book written by a man who is overcoming crippling fear and who succeeds in transforming his old self with the help of his doppelganger Reno. Innovative and brilliant in its conception, the story moves along swiftly taking the reader from the mountains in the Andes to the coastal beaches of the Pacific. Whether it's his new drug habit or his style with women, there is something human and imperfect about Noble's quest for meaning and knowledge of his character that will leave the reader enlightened."

- Tony Barillo, April 3            


"A sleek, fast-paced story of adventure, intellectual high-jinks and the quirky language used between identical twins. At the end of it you know somehow your take on time will never be the same."

- Aaron Basler, April 22

"Fast and reckless like the twins motorcycling, there is an undercurrent of empathetic communication that won't let you put the book down. The story builds, as does the philosophical depth of the ideas, pulling the reader along as if by an invisible rope... This book can only enhance ones understanding of life and the fleeting nature of time."

- Amy Murphy, April 16

"Written in the tradition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, this work is philosophically sound and established within the canon of Western Philosophy yet reads like an adventure novel. If the content and adventure don't pull you in, then the way the twins relate to each other will leave you fascinated."

- Margaret Reid, April 13        


"I love your novel: for its gutsy, straight-up attack of the Vatican's lies and denial of the existence of the Desposyni, for the interesting, unconventional characters, the contrasting characters between the twin cousins, your knowledgeable detail for the Oriental setting, and the fast-paced excitement of the motorcycle road trip."

               - Derek Steven McPhail, author of Broken Bow and Sea Shanties, Toronto Canada

"I am speechless. I truly loved your book!... The character of Hellmantle was quite obnoxious, but completely endearing and lovable. He was so bloody perfect and always so right. A real superhearo - with Asperger's... I thought your detailed descriptions of the landscapes were breathtaking - I want to go to each and every place! I could almost feel, touch, smell and taste the environment, as well as seeing it in the words."

               - Michelle Hopkins, Sydney Australia 

"I was up late finishing your book. Many thanks for the great read! There is a very healthy tension that makes you want to know what will happen next, page after page. And your descriptions of the four locales are so good, it made me go to Google Earth for a closer looks, HK, [Philippines] North Island, Nam [Vietnam], and Kashmir. And the content: profoundly interesting." 

               - Ted Condon, St. Catharines Canada

"I'm hooked. I love the plotline and character development. Exceptional... Simply captivating!" 

               - Paula Murray, Kingston Canada     


"One is drawn to read more, but when one chooses to savour and go slow the story is richer. A strong, flawless structure supporting an original and engaging story."

               - John Ketchum, filmmaker, Bucharest Romania     

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