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Peter Higgins

Peter Higgins was born in Vancouver and grew up in Toronto, graduating with a philosophy degree from Queen's University in 1990 followed by a masters degree in international relations from the University of Hong Kong. For a decade Mr. Higgins worked as a professional writer in Manila, Taiwan and Hong Kong until 2005 when he returned to Canada to create Wordcarpenter Publishing. He is the author of eight books, including The Hellmantle Testament, Zeitqualia, Visigoths in Tweed, Prophecy Seekers, The Motorcycle Inn and Road Sailors. All his books are available at Amazon. Mr. Higgins currently lives on Manitoulin Island with his family and border collie named Schopenhauer.




Steven Carmel
Having grown up in Montreal, Mr. Carmel graduated from McGill before working his way through Europe to Israel and Rome, where he worked for five years. Somehow he found his niche in bookkeeping, which he still does. He can currently be found living in Providence Bay on Manitoulin Island, Canada. His short story Tumbleweed can be found here on the Wordcarpenter website. Mr. Carmel is working on his first book of short stories.
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Leslie Sawyer
A native of Manitoulin Island, Leslie Sawyer identifies as a Haweater and as such sees the world in a unique way. Inspiring those who read the Wordcarpenter-published Proclamation of 2015, Leslie Sawyer lives on an eco farm near Little Current on Georgian Bay. Leslie graduated from the Univeristy of Guelph with a degree in agricultural science. She lives with her dog and grows garlic every season.

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