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New book by Trapp McFlynn CATHEDRAL OF TRUTH is now online!

High adventure and past history come alive when the twins follow clues that take them motorcycling in the Philippines and northern Vietnam, and then to the Himalayas in Kashmir Valley to find answers to such questions as: Was Doubting Thomas the identical twin of Jesus? Who were the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and where are they today? And did Jesus survive the crucifixion? 

Vast in scope and daring, this original story takes the reader far away from conventional norms into a world of motorcycle adventure, Asperger's Syndrome, and the murky waters of secret societies dedicated to keeping the real message of Jesus alive. On the shoulders of such works as Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code, and using the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas, Cathedral of Truth goes deeper into other aspects of the real history of Jesus. Check it out here.


For the reader the experience of the Cathedral of Truth is a similar journey, one of doubt and disbelief at first, then to consideration and contemplation, and finally to a different way of seeing the events in the New Testament.

Loaded with factual data weaned from countless history books, the Book of Jeremiah and the Book of Genesis take on a new meaning. 


The new book PROPHECY SEEKERS by Trapp McFlynn is now online 

Wordcarpenter eBooks publishes new book PROPHECY SEEKERS by Trapp McFlynn. Identical twin brothers Thomas and Joshua Robertson are hell-bent to determine whether a Hopi prophecy about the four sacred stones or man is true or not. It takes the brothers to the far north of Burma after they find Louis Riel's lost journals. To read more go to www.wordcarpenter.com

Webmaster of the Wordcarpenter website Pete Higgins is happy to have the first of ten books make it online.

"Since getting the website online this month, we've been trying our best to have at least one book available for visitors," said Mr. Higgins. "But now that we have one online, the others should be easier."

Since the recent death of Trapp McFlynn, Mr. Higgins has undertaken to construct a "bridge" to the reading public. The website is that bridge.

"Before Trapp passed away he made me promise I would build a website so people could read his books. That is why the books on the website are free," said Mr Higgins. "He just wanted them to be read because he believed they would inspire people."

In May readers should expect more books to become available.     

Wordcarpenter e-Books officially goes online - April 2012

Taking advantage of the current publishing revolution happening in throughout the world, Wordcarpenter Publishing Company has launched its website: www.wordcarpenter.com. It is being positioned as an Internet cybercafé where readers can broswe, read any book of the ten books available, or download the book onto their e-reader.

"Simple downloading of books is both cost effective and easy, and many young readers around the world are using their e-reader to download new authors who can now bypass traditional book publishers to reach a larger reading public," said president of Wordcarpenter Publishing, Pete Higgins.

"We see more modern readers choosing the paperless way of reading, whether it's an English speaker in India or a Mandarin reader in Shanghai," he said. "They're using the Internet for their book shopping. We want to bee part of that revolution." Mr. Higgins has scheduled audio books to be available as well on the website in the fall of 2012 that can be downloaded onto iPods as an MP3 file.

The website will continue to evolve as more books become available.

Wordcarpenter eBooks hopes its new website will become the premiere portal for twin authors Trapp and Remy McFlynn to sell their unpublished books to people all over the world. There are plans to offer books in numerous translations, including Spanish and Mandarin Chinese for the second phase of website development.     




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January 18, 2018

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