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The Line of Abraham

Despite the fact that D'Aqs had told his father about the trip, Hellmantle insisted on doing his own recounting of what had happened. His passionate recollection made even D'Aqs laugh, but also concerned for how could two men do the same trip and have two different variations of the same series of events. Clearly, Hellmantle's grandiose perceptions were beginning to take hold of his person. When he was done, he asked his uncle:

"So what do you think about the Dutch Padre Vander Poodre's sermon about the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?" It was a second before his uncle realized he had actually said aloud the nickname of the Padre. Uncle Jack appeared in thought for a moment.


"Yes. It's the Canadian word for ‘power snow,' corrupted from the French poudre," he said not missing a beat.

"I find it fascinating that he should be giving that particular sermon just as you arrive at that exact moment. When you arrived at 6pm, it was the culmination of your pilgrimage. I find it eerie that you found Agoo Basilica on New Year's Day on your final day of motorcycling."

"Sure, it's destiny manifesting itself! I don't understand why people think ‘providence' is something that does not exist in real life. I am troubled as to why so many think it's a fiction. God is showing us the way, to right this wrong done by the Catholic Church so long ago, spearheaded by that fat fuck Constantine the Great at the Council of Nicea." Jack Grosseteste was quiet for a moment letting Hellmantle simmer before he asked more questions about the trip. The omma put some freshly skinned pineapples on the table. The smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen cause Hellmantle to salivate.

"Why?" D'Aqs asked "Why is that interesting to you? Not ‘providence, but the sermon. What's so special about the Twelve Tribes of Israel?"

"Because that great family story, especially that hidden part vis-à-vis the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, is everything. It's a story about us." Hellmantle leaned forward in his chair. "It's why northern Europeans even care about Christianity. It is the primary underpinning of the Bible, the reason why Europe converted to Christianity. Israelites are an extended family, part of the chosen family. It's the whole point of keeping a record of this chosen family in story form, yet so few of us see that you and I are descendents of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, or more precisely the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and the House of Judah." D'Aqs saw that theology spoke deeply to his cousin's heart as well as his own, but for perhaps different reasons.

"Who exactly?"

"Well, that's the question, isn't it?" said Hellmantle, drinking his wine.

"Yes, that's the crucial question," Jack Grosseteste agreed. "This is what I know about it: Abraham had a son named Isaac who bore a son named Jacob. It was Jacob who fathered the twelve sons that came to be known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Abraham was willing to kill his only son Isaac by obeying God's command until God stopped him at the last moment and declared Abraham blessed. It was Isaac's son Jacob who was favored in the eyes of God that God re-named him Israel."

"I know that Dad," D'Aqs a bit offended.

"Son, let me say my piece. Jacob's sons were Reuben, Jacob's first born, whose descendents are said to have landed in modern-day France. The symbol on their shields was an image of a man. The next born was Simeon, whose descendents are said to now populate Scotland and Ireland, who are known to history as Celts, and whose symbol is the sword. The third son was Levy who is the priestly tribe of Aaron who remained with the tribe of Judah thus being one of the two tribes that are today's Jews. Levy's symbol is a breastplate. Judah was the fourth son who bore twins: Pharez and Zarrah. It is not Pharez that is the chosen line but according to the Book of Genesis the royal line actually went to the twin with the red string around his finger, Zarrah, because he was the first out. There was a ‘breach.' It was when the brave scribe Baruch took the last three offspring of the royal Zarrah line to Northern Ireland as described in detail in the Book of Jeremiah, that the throne of power left Palestine and migrated north, where it remains today. The tribe of Zarrah settled first in Ireland and then Scotland of course, and then with the Stewart line ascending to British throne. And of course its symbol is the red rampant lion. All four of these tribes had the same mother named Leah.

"The fifth son was the tribe of Dan who were primarily mariners and adventurers. They mainly settled Denmark and Ireland (mainly via the Danish Viking settlement of Dublin) and were symbolized by an eagle. The next son was the tribe of Naphtali who settled in modern-day Sweden and their symbol is a stag. The seventh son was the tribe of Gad who is believed to have settled modern-day Switzerland, and is symbolized by a leader of troops. The next son is the tribe of Asher, who is believed to have settled modern-day Belgium and Luxembourg. It has for its emblem a covered goblet. The ninth son is the tribe of Issaachar. This tribe landed in upper Germany. A donkey (under burden) is its tribal emblem."

"It is believed that it is where the name ‘Saxon' comes from."

"Thank you Rolland. The tenth son was the tribe of Zebulun, who were merchant traders and calligraphers who landed in the Netherlands. Its symbol is a ship. It is the only tribe that still exists today as its own country. Issachar's and Zebulun's mother was also Leah. The next son is the tribe of Ephraim, the son of Joseph, who settled Great Britain and her Commonwealth. Its symbol is an ox. The next son is the tribe of Manasseh, Joseph's first born, who landed primarily in the United States as part of its Manifest Destiny of settling the ‘Promised Land.' Its emblem is the olive branch - thus the symbol on US currency. And finally the last tribe is the tribe of Benjamin who are believed to have been mainly mariners and merchant traders, but came to be known in history as Vikings. The tribe of Benjamin is believed to have settled in modern-day Norway and Normandy, and its symbol is the wolf."

It was clear to Hellmantle that Jack Grosseteste should be teaching religious history in some small college in upstate New York, not economics in Hong Kong.

"And we are wolves," said Hellmantle, clearly enthused by the topic.

"Yes, we are wolves," his uncle confirmed. D'Aqs was fighting to gain an understanding of a subject that his father and cousin knew so much about despite the fact that it was him who was the missionary and lone minister among them. Jack Grosseteste showed some exasperation at his son's ignorance so D'Aqs showed off some of his knowledge of history.

"The Normans are Danish Vikings that were awarded land after the Siege of Paris in 925. So we're also from the Tribe of Dan?"

"Yes! Mariners and adventurers the Danes were," said Hellmantle.

"That reminds me." Jack Grosseteste got up and took out a color print. "Have you seen your Grosseteste coat-of-arms before? I don't think I've ever shown you." He put the color print on the table. There in front of D'Aqs was the coat-of-arms of the Grosseteste family. There were two eagles in the top two corners of the crest that he now understood to represent the Tribe of Dan. There was also a wolf at the neck of the crest that he can only assume is from the Tribe of Benjamin.

"Dan and Benjamin," D'Aqs said. He watched both his father and Hellmantle nod, and then Jack pointed at the two Stars of David on the chevron across the crest. A tingling went up his spine. An edifice of belief was about to crumble.

"The same Star of David that is on the Northern Ireland flag."

"The mark of an Israelite!" yelled Hellmantle. "History is coming alive isn't it? You're finally catching up after forty years of ignoring your family tree. We grew up with knowing we are part of this living history and that it's been systematically suppressed by Rome yet you never cared a damn about it, and only now, ye man of little faith, are realizing that it's not a fiction. We are from a great bloodline! But there's more to the story than just this, you'll see oh Doubting Thomas. There's more to the story than we have been told. My purpose in life is to find them and let people know!"

"Very interesting," he conceded, interrupting his cousin from his self-righteous lecturing.

"And the cross in the middle," said his father. D'Aqs could see it was the symbol of the Blonde Acquitaine. Jack Grosseteste looked at his son and winked his left eye. On reflex D'Aqs winked back at his father. For a moment Jack was surprised, but then it dawned on him that it was Hellmantle who had rightfully christened his son into the brotherhood of the Blonde Acquitaine. It was with solemn poise that Jack Grosseteste and D'Aqs then shook hands, slipping each other the grip.

"Son, welcome to the brotherhood."



[1] This illustration shows the historical background of the Israelites and how the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were lost for 800 years in the Caucasus in Southern Russia but then migrated to Europe, with specific tribes landing in specific locations.

[1] Joseph was Jacob's favorite son, was prophesized to establish a commonwealth of nations, and symbolized the Ten Lost Tribes with the unicorn.

[1] The tribe of Benjamin also settled Normandy. Also, the tribe of Asher settled both Belgium and modern-day Luxemburg, and some of the tribe of Dan landed in Ireland known in history as the Tribe de Dannan.

[1] As Judah's sons it was important who was born first for inheritance and destiny. There was a "breach" when the twin Zarrah came out first but went back into the womb, but before Zarrah went back in the nurse tied a red string around his finger to mark the first born. The Royal Zarrah line was saved when Jeremiah took the survivng three daughters to Ireland in 583BC, including the Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as Jacob's Pillow.

[1] Fergus the Great, a Celtic King who married into the Royal Zarra Line through Princess Tara, was a descendent of the tribe of Dan who settled Ireland's north after the Diaspora in 683BC known in Irish history as the Tribe de Dannan. Tara and her mother Scota brought the symbol of the red lion to the British Isles and when the Scots, who got their name from Tara's mother Scota, moved from Ireland to Scotland when they took over the Picts, kept the royal line until James the Sixth became James the First of Great Britain in 1567.

[1] The House of Judah consists of the descendents of the tribes of Judha and Levy (Levites), the modern-day Jews. Both kingdoms fought each other for over 200 years until the Assyruian invasion when the ten tribes of the northern kingdom left Palestine and were called the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

[1] The House of Israel consists of Simeon (Celts), Joseph (Britons), Gad (Swiss), Napthtali (Swedes), Issacher (Saxons), Dan (Danes), Zebulun (Dutch), Reuben (Gauls), Asher (Belgique), and Benjamin (Vikings). These ten tribes are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel once lost in Scythia (southern Russia).

[1] Known as James the Disciple, Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus's younger brother James, he moved to the British Isles after Jesus' crucifixion where his daughter Anna married a Scottish King that started the Aramatheic Line. He moved there because there was already an existing Israelite base vis-à-vis the Fisher King line as told in the Book of Jeremiah. Also, because he was born in September, James inherited the title Joseph as the legitamate male heir.

[1] Otherwise know as Didymus Thomas, Doubting Thomas, The Beloved Disciple and Jude the Twin, Jude Thomas was the identical twin brother of Jesus. 

[1] For the first time in history, after nearly 500 years through the marriage of King Arthur and Guenivere, the two royal lines of Jesus reunited (the Aramatheic Line and the Fisher King Line), making Arthur the hope of establishing a kingdom (Camelot) as Jesus had hoped, but Arthur, after siding with the Romans, was killed by his son Brantooth in a two-day battle. Brantooth, who was also killed, had a daughter Deborah who was lost to historical record.

[1] The Merovingian Kings ruled France for over 600 years until Dagobert was assassinated by soldiers sent by the Roman Catholic Church.

[1] A threat to Rome by virture of their bloodline, the families of the royal blood went underground but intermarried to keep the bloodline pure, which today constitute the nobility of Royal houses of Europe. Most of the Desposyni settled northern France and Scotland. In defiance to Rome's power they began publishing Grail lore using metaphor, the Holy Grail meaning she who carries the blood of Jesus, therefore knights searching for women of the holy blood. 







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