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[1] This illustration shows the historical background of the Israelites and how the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were lost for 800 years in the Caucasus in Southern Russia but then migrated to Europe, with specific tribes landing in specific locations.

[1] Joseph was Jacob's favorite son, was prophesized to establish a commonwealth of nations, and symbolized the Ten Lost Tribes with the unicorn.

[1] The tribe of Benjamin also settled Normandy. Also, the tribe of Asher settled both Belgium and modern-day Luxemburg, and some of the tribe of Dan landed in Ireland known in history as the Tribe de Dannan.

[1] As Judah's sons it was important who was born first for inheritance and destiny. There was a "breach" when the twin Zarrah came out first but went back into the womb, but before Zarrah went back in the nurse tied a red string around his finger to mark the first born. The Royal Zarrah line was saved when Jeremiah took the survivng three daughters to Ireland in 583BC, including the Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as Jacob's Pillow.

[1] Fergus the Great, a Celtic King who married into the Royal Zarra Line through Princess Tara, was a descendent of the tribe of Dan who settled Ireland's north after the Diaspora in 683BC known in Irish history as the Tribe de Dannan. Tara and her mother Scota brought the symbol of the red lion to the British Isles and when the Scots, who got their name from Tara's mother Scota, moved from Ireland to Scotland when they took over the Picts, kept the royal line until James the Sixth became James the First of Great Britain in 1567.

[1] The House of Judah consists of the descendents of the tribes of Judha and Levy (Levites), the modern-day Jews. Both kingdoms fought each other for over 200 years until the Assyruian invasion when the ten tribes of the northern kingdom left Palestine and were called the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

[1] The House of Israel consists of Simeon (Celts), Joseph (Britons), Gad (Swiss), Napthtali (Swedes), Issacher (Saxons), Dan (Danes), Zebulun (Dutch), Reuben (Gauls), Asher (Belgique), and Benjamin (Vikings). These ten tribes are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel once lost in Scythia (southern Russia).

[1] Known as James the Disciple, Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus's younger brother James, he moved to the British Isles after Jesus' crucifixion where his daughter Anna married a Scottish King that started the Aramatheic Line. He moved there because there was already an existing Israelite base vis-à-vis the Fisher King line as told in the Book of Jeremiah. Also, because he was born in September, James inherited the title Joseph as the legitamate male heir.

[1] Otherwise know as Didymus Thomas, Doubting Thomas, The Beloved Disciple and Jude the Twin, Jude Thomas was the identical twin brother of Jesus. 

[1] For the first time in history, after nearly 500 years through the marriage of King Arthur and Guenivere, the two royal lines of Jesus reunited (the Aramatheic Line and the Fisher King Line), making Arthur the hope of establishing a kingdom (Camelot) as Jesus had hoped, but Arthur, after siding with the Romans, was killed by his son Brantooth in a two-day battle. Brantooth, who was also killed, had a daughter Deborah who was lost to historical record.

[1] The Merovingian Kings ruled France for over 600 years until Dagobert was assassinated by soldiers sent by the Roman Catholic Church.

[1] A threat to Rome by virture of their bloodline, the families of the royal blood went underground but intermarried to keep the bloodline pure, which today constitute the nobility of Royal houses of Europe. Most of the Desposyni settled northern France and Scotland. In defiance to Rome's power they began publishing Grail lore using metaphor, the Holy Grailmeaning she who carries the blood of Jesus, therefore knights searching for women of the holy blood. 
Table of Contents 
The Family of the Bible
FIRST PART - Hong Kong
1.       Concerning the famous Hellmantle's position, character and way of life 
2.       Concerning the ingenious man's visit with his uncle Jack Grosseteste 
3.       Which relates to how Hellmantle is given his first adventure
4.       About what happened to our adventurer when he goes to the Philippines
5.       In which the story of our crusader's journey begins in earnest
6.       About Hellmantle's time in the city of sin on Christmas Eve
7.       About the brave Hellmantle's success on his adventure to Baguio City worthy of happy memory
SECOND PART - the Philippines
8.       In which the courageous Hellmantle of Normandy journeys north into the Cordillera Mountain Range
9.       About what happened to Hellmantle in the mission in the mountains and the crucifixion of Jesus
10.     Concerning Hellmantle of Normandy in the land of the headhunters
11.     About the required riding techniques to reach the destination of Sagada and the church organist
12.     In which the German artist is tracked to the Shamrock Café and dangers of the northeast of Luzon Island
13.     In which Catharine is tracked to the Shamrock Café and an eery coincidence of a reoccurring dream
14.     About Hellmantle reaching the rice terraces and finding a way to the northwest
15.     About what happened to our intrepid philosopher in the middle of the Sierra Madre Mountains
16.     In which a record is given about the brave Hellmantle through uncharted territory on his trusted dirt bike
17.     Which relates to Hellmantle of Normandy reaching the northern coast and the rubble of Aparri
18.     About the final day of the motorcycle journey and discussing the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Vigan
19.     About the sermon in Agoo Basilica and what they find at the church with the rouge bell tower
20.     Concerning the Dutch Padre and what he knows about the hidden map
21.     About the return to Manila and the coup that causes the Great Man from Normandy grief
THIRD PART - Vietnam
22.     Which brings Hellmantle of Normandy back to Hong Kong to re-evaluate the next step in his quest for truth
23.     In which their journey is related to Jack Grosseteste and a new task is set before the Man from Normandy
24.     Concerning the journey to northern Vietnam to track down the map hidden at a French prison
25.     About how Hellmantle and D'Aqs compare notes on their task at hand in Hanoi
26.     In which an account is given of the beginning of the journey of Hellmantle in Vietnam
27.     About how Hellmantle and his brave squire ride north to the place where the four rivers meet
28.     Concerning the French prison and what Hellmantle finds there
29.     Concerning the discovery of the bottle and what lies inside of it
30.     Concerning the journey to Dien Bien Phu in honor of their grandfather the Great Dane Hellmantle
31.     About what the motorcyclists see on the fields in Dien Bien Phu
32.     Concerning the motorcycling required to reach Hanoi via the other side of the Da River Valley
33.     Which tells of the final stage back to Hanoi and the discussion after their most beautiful ride
34.     Concerning the visit with the knowledgeable Jack Grosseteste and the sally to India
35.     Concerning the arrival and journey to Kashmir Valley
36.     In which the journey begins in earnest through the checkpoints to the foot of the Moghul Fort
37.     In which Srinagar is reached and how the houseboat was as it was hundred years ago
38.     In which Hellmantle reach their houseboat on the lake below the fort and beside the mosque
39.     In which Hellmantle sets out for the Tomb of Thome and his brother Joshua beside him
40.     Which relates to the agreeable history of the journey north to the monastery on horseback
41.     In which Hellmantle returns to Srinagar and finds the first translations of the black stones
42.     Which concerns the deciphering of the discovery at the monastery and the need to go to the Ganges River
43.     About Hellmantle of Normandy's meeting with the holy man after taking a dip in the Ganges River
44.     About Hellmantle's meeting at Jack Grossetests's place with D'Aqs and Catharine the artist from Sagada
Chronology of Historical Events


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